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Evangelism Jamboree, I’m looking forward for the next one

Today was our first Evangelism Jamboree among France, United Kingdom and Germany. It is actually the first time I met some Evangelist from France and UK (ok, I met the architects two weeks ago in Prague) and it was a really interesting conversation we had all together. Then it came to the demo competition part. We have been drawn into teams of two or three people and had to prepare a demo to show in front of Microsoft Community Members. Actually, the audience had to vote who will be doing the best presentation.

I had really luck to be drawn together with Olivier Bloch. Olivier brought his robot to Germany which he just programmed from Robotics Studio. We tried to write “Hello, world.” with the robot which was quiet challenging and we failed totally. At the end we had a kind of abstract scribble which we could maybe sell on Ebay for a bunch of money as modern art or so.

Daniel has shown some dark developer skills using a totally black scheme in Visual Basic, even he wasn’t able to realize what he is typing, the audience just saw some black screen with dark blue font on it.

In the end, it was fun, I hope it was too for the audience, and I’m looking forward to the next jamboree, which will be held in France or England.

Normally I would write what kind of demo I did, but this time I can’t, believe me, I can’t repeat the demo a second time, it was just a one time shot.