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Visual C++ 2008 and Beyond, Ask the Experts

Are you developing with Visual C++?

Are you located in Germany or nearby and would like to attend an event around Visual C++ 2008 and what is coming beyond?

Are you interested in talking with product members about the strategy and direction Visual C++ is heading into the future?

I have a great offer for you!

Steve Teixeira, Group Program Manager for the Microsoft Visual C++ Team and Ale Contenti, Senior Development Lead will host a 3 hour session about

Visual C++ 2008 and Beyond, Ask the Experts.

The event will be hosted in the Hilton Munich Park Hotel, on November 15th starting at 18:00 (6pm). Here the address.

Hilton Munich Park Hotel
Am Tucherpark 7
80538 Munich

And the best, attendance is at no charge. We will provide some drinks and brezels (the real one).

Registering works simple. Write me an mail that you would like to attend. Sign Up via Email and provide your contact data with your address, phonenumber and email. (I know never post email adresses in blogs, but in that case, I risk it).

Important: We have a limit of 50 seats, first come, first serve.