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Soon back at work

What a strange feeling. Next week I will be back at work. I had meanwhile 6 weeks off and I really enjoyed it.

Now I prepare myself for the next tasks. The biggest one is the Technical Summit 2004 in Kassel, Germany. As Technical Content Manager it is quite difficult to manage this from vacations. But now that the sessions are final, I hope we will have an agenda which will focus on the topics people are interested in. I’m glad that we could get John Montgomery as Keynote speaker and further Ronald Laeremans from the C++ team. Debra L. Weissmann will be giving Hillel Coopermans User Experience talk from the PDC 2003. Our technology specialists from Microsoft Deutschland will be covering Whidbey, Yukon and even Longhorn. Ralf Westphal, Christian Weyer, Clemens Vasters and Bernd Marquadt will also join as Regional Directors. I’m really looking forward for this event.

Myself is not speaking, I think that as TCM this is not a good idea. But I will express myself at the ASP conference on ObjectSpaces.

Oh, I also managed it to install my new D800 from Dell. A nice notebook with a fantastic screen resolution of 1920 x 1200. Too bad that this is not of use for presentations giving through a standard beamer.