PasswordVault.Add may fail on Windows 10

  I am slightly embarrassed by the length of time since my last blog post. But never mind, here I am again! I’ve been working on a customer issue lately where an existing Windows Store app was failing on Windows 10. Initially the app, which ran fine on Windows 8.1 was crashing when installed and…

Windows Store Developer Solutions team blogs and videos

The Windows Store Developer Solutions team is a global team within Microsoft Developer support that provides technical support to Microsoft’s customers developing Windows Store and Phone apps. The team authors and blog series here: and a video series here:  HTH Doug

Windows 8.1 developer roadmap and video series

Ibrahim Kivanc has an excellent Windows 8.1 developer roadmap available here and is also currently running a series of 10 weekly video sessions on Windows 8.1 Store app development.  A great set of resources if you need to build your Windows Store app developer skills! HTH Doug