Silverlight release history

I’ve only just discovered that there is a comprehensive “release history” document available for Silverlight: Download details- Microsoft® Silverlight™ Release History All the versions, when they shipped, summary of main enhancements in each release and what has been released via WSUS. HTH Doug

Looking for a clean beach?

I know it’s not the time of year when one generally thinks about going to the beach (at least in the UK!) but this web site is a very useful tool for checking on water quality (and air quality) all over Europe. It is a very cool and stylish demonstration of what can be done…

Interesting Silverlight examples

A couple of rather cool examples of Silverlight: Advanced Render Techniques with WriteableBitmaps   Doug

Zoom in on Silverlight

Jeff Proise has put up a nice little Silverlight page turning demo using an old Microsoft Systems Journal issue as the subject matter. The challenge for me is reading it. I do get my eyes tested regularly but they are not that good. It would definitely benefit from the addition of his Silverlight mousewheel zoom…


Silverlight grab bag

I was trying to catch up on what Silverlight is all about the other night and spent some time seeing what’s out there in the way of information, demos etc. Here is a quick roundup of what I found Useful downloads: Silverlight 1.1 Alpha (you’ll need to install this if you want to view most…