Performance tuning guidelines for Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server Performance Tuning Guidelines have now been updated for version 2012 R2 here. (Update 29th April 2016 : PDF version now here) Includes guidance for various roles and workloads, including web servers. HTH Doug


PerfView – a powerful tool for investigating .NET performance issues

Vance Morrison, Performance Architect on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) team writes and maintains a very powerful tool called PerfView that harnesses the power of Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) data produced by the CLR. The tool can be download here. Although he had previously published some tutorial videos as a ZIP download on his…


Turning IIS logs into web tests

Nice blog post here by MVP Tarun Arora on turning IIS logs into web tests. Great stuff! Doug


My computer is running very slowly

A recent comment on one of my blog posts suggested that my blog was a bit too technical and did not really address the issue of why a computer might be running slowly. This is true, my blog really is aimed at software developers, system administrators and diagnostic engineers trying to keep commercial software ticking…

New CLR and .NET Performance tool

Vance Morrison, CLR performance architect here at Microsoft, has released a new tool for conducting performance investigations on .NET applications. It is called PerfView and you can read more about it on his post here. You can download it here. It is designed to have as low an overhead on the application being investigated although…


How to figure out why your web application is running slow.

I came across this great “portal article” (by which I mean it has links to resources on a particular topic) about Developer Tools & Platforms Performance It starts of with a short plug for Microsoft advisory services but then moves onto a long list of self-help resources, including articles, blog posts and tools. HTH Doug


Perfecto–a performance tool for ASP.NET applications

Not had a chance to try this out yet but this looks pretty interesting: It takes advantage of the ETW infrastructure to give insight into why your ASP.NET application might be running slowly (if it is!). HTH Doug

Failed to CoCreate profiler

Sometimes support cases are like buses. You never see one and then two or three the same come along all at once. Recently one of my team mates asked me about an error his customer was getting in their event log: Source: CLR Category: None Event ID: 0 Description: The description for Event ID (0)…


More on the mysterious case of accessing .NET Performance Counters using WMI

Back in February I blogged about a strange case we had seen where a customer was having trouble seeing certain ASP.NET performance counters when using WMI to access them. If you start Perfmon with the /WMI switch then Perfmon uses WMI rather than the native performance counter APIs to read the data. This is the…


Performance Toolkit Presentation

I previously mentioned the Windows Performance Toolkit. At the WinHEC conference this year a presentation was given about the xPerf tool and plans for the future. You can find it here: Doug