Summary of ASP.NET Versions, Updates and Hotfixes

[Note: November 2010 Some recent fixes added] [Note: September 2009 I am in the process of trying to bring this list up to date. It may not be complete] There is nothing worse than wrestling with a problem for ages only to discover later that there is already a fix for it. I therefore felt…


Security topics

I am not a security expert but the following are some resource and links that I think are useful in this area. Thanks to anyone that has brought one of these things to my attention. Articles and documentation Hardening web services [in Windows Server 2008]Improving Web Application Security: Threats and CountermeasuresBuilding Secure ASP.NET ApplicationsImproving Web…

IIS7 Resources

IIS7 Module referenceIIS 7.0 Managed Pipeline ModesWhy don’t I get ETW events from ASP.NET in Vista?Explore The Web Server For Windows Vista And BeyondLonghorn Server revealed: Five IIS enhancements you should know aboutDinnerNow.NetWindows Vista Brings a Better Web Server  

Index of articles on this site

Resources for load testing web applications Resources for debugging .NET with WinDBG etc        

A reading list for debugging, .NET, CLR, WinDBG etc

I’m often asked “Where can I learn more about doing this kind of stuff?”, this “stuff” being debugging with WinDBG, understanding how .NET works, looking at dump files and generally figuring out what’s gone wrong with .NET applications. I started assembling this list sometime ago and it is by no means complete. It keeps growing all…

Testing Web Applications

  You’ve written your web application and tested it to ensure it all works but how do you know it will be able to take the strain when you launch it on an eager world? Load testing. That’s the key.  There are many web application load testing tools around. Some are free and some cost…