Where is Windows Embedded?

More places than you might realise as this short and interesting video shows


My computer is running very slowly

A recent comment on one of my blog posts suggested that my blog was a bit too technical and did not really address the issue of why a computer might be running slowly. This is true, my blog really is aimed at software developers, system administrators and diagnostic engineers trying to keep commercial software ticking…


3,500+ code samples and rising!

The Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework continues to expand, now encompassing more than 3,500 code samples to help developers make the most of the Microsoft platform!  A new version of the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework sample browser application has also been released. Read more about it here. HTH Doug


Microsoft Next 2012 – featuring support diagnostics!

The Microsoft Next 2012 contest recently concluded and among the finalists this year was a video by Steve Edwards showcasing some of the great work going on within Microsoft Customer Service and Support around the world to automate the collection and analysis of the diagnostic data needed to resolve customer support problems. It only lasts…


Do people really print a lot of email?

I am surprised at how many people (not just in Microsoft but everywhere) have something at the bottom of their email to the effect of “please save paper by not printing this email”.  Is email printing and filing really so prevalent an issue that people are compelled to campaign for its eradication?  At the moment…


Geomagnetic Storms–are they all bad?

Having just spent the last couple of hours restoring WiFi on my router by reinstalling the firmware and an hour yesterday morning figuring out why the audio on my Media Center had conked out (the power-save-on-standby device the computer is plugged into had gone haywire) you might be forgiven for cursing the series of geomagnetic…


Anti-malware software on Windows Servers

From time to time in my support job I come across customers having problems, sometimes strange ones, that turns out in the end to be due to anti-malware software of some kind or another. By its nature anti-malware software has to be quite invasive if it is going to do things like checking resident files…


How do I view XPS documents in Windows Server 2008 R2?

A couple of years ago I was having trouble viewing an XPS document on Window Server 2008. Today I hit the same issue again but this time on Windows Server 2008 R2. Previously in 2008 the XPS Viewer was listed as a sub feature of .NET Framework 3.0. In 2008 R2, it appears instead as…


Some useful links..

Here are a few links I’ve saved for a rainy day. You never know, if you get bored of eating mince pies, chocolates or watching Dr Who you might fancy some of the following brain food…   First of all, some great links for learning about batch files and command prompts: http://www.allenware.com/icsw/icswidx.htm http://blog.crankybit.com/redirecting-output-to-a-file-in-windows-batch-scripts/ http://greenant.net/education/commands/nt/index.html  …


Looking for a clean beach?

I know it’s not the time of year when one generally thinks about going to the beach (at least in the UK!) but this web site is a very useful tool for checking on water quality (and air quality) all over Europe. It is a very cool and stylish demonstration of what can be done…