PerfView - a powerful tool for investigating .NET performance issues

Vance Morrison, Performance Architect on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) team writes and maintains a very powerful tool called PerfView that harnesses the power of Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) data produced by the CLR. The tool can be download here. Although he had previously published some tutorial videos as a ZIP download on his…


Great article and free eBook on .NET Memory Management

This article by Chris Farrell is a great introduction to how .NET manages memory for applications. But even better it is actually chapter 1 of an eBook “Under the Hood of .NET Memory Management” that is available for free! Thanks Chris and Nick! HTH Doug


An interesting tool for managed memory analysis–LeakShell

  A very interesting article on manager memory troubleshooting and also the introduction of a new tool called LeakShell from Christophe Nasarre. Then he has a later post in which he talks about using LeakShell in conjunction with dump files. Great stuff Christophe! HTH Doug


On memory leaks…

If you have a rusty old bucket and it is overflowing because you put too much water in it, then you should certainly think about buying a nice new plastic one at some point. But the new one will still overflow if you put too much water in it.


Using UMDH to track down native heap memory leaks

No, I’m afraid I haven’t taken the time to write about this in detail because Michael Morales has already done a great job of it. Remember though, not all memory leaks are native heap memory leaks. You could also be leaking managed objects (which are allocated in the managed heap for which the Common Language…


A long lost friend

I was looking for one of my blog posts the other day that talks about how ASP.NET uses Windows memory. I was hunting and hunting and could not find it anywhere. I finally realised that at some point I had somehow left it in an unpublished state (probably after editing some minor type or something)….


New article on debugging .NET memory issues

The latest MSDN Magazine is now published and there is a great article about debugging .NET memory issues: “CLR Inside Out: Investigating Memory Issues”. I’ve added this to my list of .NET debugging resources which I have now changed from a blog post to an article. Cheers Doug


Index of articles on this site

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A reading list for debugging, .NET, CLR, WinDBG etc

I’m often asked “Where can I learn more about doing this kind of stuff?”, this “stuff” being debugging with WinDBG, understanding how .NET works, looking at dump files and generally figuring out what’s gone wrong with .NET applications. I started assembling this list sometime ago and it is by no means complete. It keeps growing all…


ASP.NET - how it uses Windows memory

Sooner or later you are bound to run into the dreaded OutOfMemoryException and wonder, “why me, why now?”.  ASP.NET and other web applications are particularly susceptible to high memory consumption because a web application is typically serving 100s or 1000s of users all at once, unlike your typical desktop application which is just serving one…