DebugDiag 2.0 available

An awesome update to that long staple tool in the IIS and general debugging toolbox has now been released.

DebugDiag 2.0 is HERE!

Go get it!


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  1. Kirk Lashbrook says:

    Having issues getting the .Net 2.0 DAC file to load into DebugDiag2.0

    It's the right version, but the wrong timestamp ??

    Anyone else ?

    –  Found file C:Symbols\mscordacwks_X86_X86_2.0.50727.4241.dll but file timstamp:size 1366633878:1015808 != desired 1366621566:5939200, rejecting.

  2. Hi Kirk

    I've heard another report of this issue but don't have an answer yet. Looking into it and will let you know.



  3. Fredrik Carlbom says:

    Kirk, I'm having the exact same problem as you are. Did you figure out what the problem was?

  4. Frederick, a fix for this is being worked on. In the meantime you should be able to take a copy of the mscordacwks.dll from the .NET framework install directory of the system where the dump you are debugging came from and put it into the DebugDiag directory on the machine where you are doing the analysis.

  5. Andy says:

    Hello Doug,

    I am using DebugDiag and I am facing the same problem like Frederik. I tried your suggestion and copied over the mscordacwks.dll from the machine where the dump was taken and also made a second copy and renamed it to "mscordacwks_X86_X86_4.0.30319.1022.dll". Then I put these to files it into various places of DebugDiag and also tested to set / to un-set the "Symbol Path" of DebugDiag. Results: Either DebuGDiag does not find the file or it ends with the error "file timstamp:size 1389164330:1179648 != desired 1389164134:6750208, rejecting.".  

    Question: Is there anything I can do to get it working or – if the answer is "no" – when is the fix of DebugDiag being released?

    Thank you very much


  6. Hi Andy

    I am checking with the team about release of a fix. Could you contact me direct by clicking "Email blog author" at the bottom left of the page?



  7. Matt says:

    Running into the same issues described here.  Copied the mscordacwks file to the machine I'm debugging on, renamed it appropriately, and I get the same error:

    Found file mscordacwks_X86_X86_2.0.50727.5472.dll but file timstamp:size 1366613433:1040384 != desired 1366613353:5951488, rejecting.

  8. Anthony says:

    I'm also having the same issue.  This is quiet frustrating.  Can you give me an ETA on a version with a fix?

  9. Hi Anthony, Matt (and Andy)

    As mentioned to Andy, if you contact me direct using the "Email blog author" link below I will do my best to help.



  10. Wade Mascia says:

    Hi Everyone!  The dac timestamp issue is resolved and the fix will be available soon as part of the DebugDiag 2.0 Update 1.  You should be prompted via the AutoUpdate feature once it is available (ETA a week or so).

  11. Polonius19 says:

    I'm also having this problem. Has the fix been published/released yet?

    Found file C:symbolsmscordacwks_Amd64_Amd64_2.0.50727.5477.dll but file timstamp:size 1382402340:1810432 != desired 1382402286:10080256, rejecting.

  12. I understand the fix is getting very close

  13. thatguy says:

    Any idea when the expected release date is?

  14. Should be very soon (like 24 to 48 hours). Contact me using the "Email blog author" link on the left if you really cannot wait and need it now.



  15. Here is the update:

    Debug Diagnostic Tool v2 Update 1…/details.aspx

  16. If anyone sees Proxy errors, this is not something new to the update. Some people see it due to their specific proxy in their environment. More info from Wade here:…/autoupdate-errors-in-debugdiag-2-0.aspx

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