CLRMD: .NET Crash Dump and Live Process Inspection

Lee Culver, a software developer on the .NET Runtime team, has shipped an awesome managed code library for anyone interested in analysing memory dumps and the internals of running .NET applications.  Known as CLRMD, this library allows you to write code that does all the kinds of stuff you do with the SOS, PSSCOR2, PSSCOR4  or SOSEX debugger extensions and more.

You can read more about it here

You can get the NuGet package here..

This is a fantastic addition to the debugging toolbox and opens world of possibilities for .NET problem investigation and resolution.

Thanks Lee!


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  1. Jason DiOrio says:

    This is definitely a useful addition to the toolbox, but very little support/documentation has been dedicated to it. I'm muscling my way through most of it, but I do have some questions that I've been having a hard time getting some attention on. Perhaps you or someone you know could point me in the right direction?…/how-to-properly-work-with-non-primitive-clrinstancefield-values-using-clrmd

  2. Hi Jason, thanks for stopping by my blog!  I think Tomas has offerred an answer back over on SO.


  3. Steve says:

    Hi guys, it's a great tool!  I'm having some trouble with a mismatch in architecture between a process and a dac which I can't seem to solve.  I've posted a note over at SO (…/microsoft-diagnostics-runtime-crash-dmp-analysis-c) – would you be able to have a look and see if you could help?


  4. Hi Steve

    I've added a comment over on SO.


  5. terry says:

    Hi Doug,

    Any chance you have got the version that is compatible with .net 3.5?

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