Update: Visual Studio Extensions for the Windows Library for JavaScript

A few days ago the latest update to the Visual Studio Extensions for the Windows Library for JavaScript.

You can find them here.



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  1. Jesus says:

    I've downloaded the file but the version is not changing. tried uninstalling, and resinstall, and even uninstalled visual studio 2012 (had 2013 and 2012 installed)

  2. Wolfgang says:

    Update: a possible explanation could be that according to http://www.microsoft.com/…/details.aspx the only supported operating system is Windows 8.1. I use Windows 7 (Home Premium x64) instead.

  3. Vraylle says:

    Same issue here.

  4. Hello Jesus, all

    There have been multiple released updates for Visual Studio 2012 since those extensions were made available? Which update of 2012 are you on and which files are you looking at when you say the are not changing?

    You might also want to post to this forum:


    You will reach a wider audience there.



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