Survey about IIS maturity models

A friend of mine, Marcus Ridge, worked with us here at Microsoft UK in the IIS support team as his placement year as part of his degree course. Now back at university, Marcus is conducting a survey over the next two weeks as part of his final year project. He would appreciate anyone that works with IIS in their professional capacity completing the following short survey which is available from 15th March 2011 to 1st April 2011.

Survey link

Here is what it is all about in Marcus own words:

“I am currently in my final year at Bournemouth University studying Software Engineering. I have undertaken a dissertation which will look to create and validate a maturity model for the IIS Server. The issue between business and IT alignment is a common issue in organisations. My objective is to try and target and alleviate these issues. In order to do this I have developed a Maturity Model. This consists of maturity levels, focus areas at each level and key characteristics for each focus area. I have designed this around focus areas that concern the IIS Server such as performance, security etc. And then assigned key characteristics to the focus areas.

I have aimed to make the focus areas and key characteristics relevant to the corresponding levels; this will allow organisations to measure themselves against this model and measure the current maturity of their IIS Server and what steps are required to make the server more mature.

I have put together a questionnaire to validate the model asking questions on the features I have added, if you have knowledge of IIS your input would be great interest to me, please use the following link to participate..... ”

Thanks for helping Marcus.


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