C# everywhere and Mono

I recommend this absolutely fascinating blog post by Miguel de Icaza summarising the progress of Mono in 2011. What a rollercoaster. From the acquisition of Novell, through the spin-off of Mono activities as Xamarin, the tie-in with Attachmate on to a discussion of Mono on iOS, Mono on Android, Sony’s use of Mono, Google’s use…


Managing source windows in WinDBG

If you make use of the source code debugging features WinDBG you may find it quite annoying the way that each time you hit a point in the debug that relates to source in a file you do not already have open WinDBG opens yet another source window. This results in lots of open source…


Happy Birthday–BBC Micro!

Yes, the BBC Micro is 30! . Great article about the history of it here. The “model B” was the first computer I ever owned. The first computer I used was a Commodore Pet (both the 8Kb and the incredibly powerful 32Kb edition) so I was hooked on 6502 machine code (not assembly language because…


Microsoft EMEA IIS/ASP.NET and web developer support team

I recently attended an offsite meeting in Munich for our Microsoft EMEA IIS/ASP.NET and web developer support team. It’s the first time we’ve had the chance to get together in one place for several years (even though we work together everyday!) and it was great to meet up. Not everyone could make it but here…

Microsoft resources for developers

I recently had reason to put together a list of general resources available from Microsoft aimed at software developers. I know there are many more out there but this was intended as a list of high level resources to get people started. If you have other suggestions in a similar vein feel free to suggest…

WebPI command line tool (WebPIcmd.exe)

A new preview version of the WebPI command line tool (WebPIcmd.exe) has been released: http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/1072/web-platform-installer-v4-command-line-webpicmdexe-preview-release/ An interesting new feature if offline mode, allowing the use of WebPI to install on servers that do not have direct access out to the internet. HTH Doug

Fix for issue with infinite loop involving InvalidateAutomationAncestors

I recently finished working on a support case where the customer was hitting the same issue as this one: 2484841 FIX: A .NET Framework 4.0-based WPF application may stop responding if you right-click a control to open a pop-up control but for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 rather than 4.0. As the resolution of the case,…

New post on troubleshooting 403.7 errors

My colleague Emmanuel has published a great new blogs post on troubleshooting 403.7 “Client Certificate Required errors”. Read all about it here. HTH Doug

.NET 4.5 compatibility

The .NET Framework team are working on .NET 4.5 and are inviting people to start testing their existing applications for compatibility against it (particularly as it is an in place update to 4.0): http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dotnet/archive/2011/09/26/compatibility-of-net-framework-4-5.aspx HTH Doug

Tips for successful .NET Debugging with WinDBG

Here are my tips for pain free .NET debugging with WinDBG 1) Always use a 32-bit debugger for a 32-bit process and a 64-bit debugger for a 64-bit process, both to generate the dump and to analyse it. Use usermode dumps only (managed debugger extensions are not expected to work with kernel mode) and ensure…