Parenting glossary for computer geeks

Ok, time for a bit of Friday humour. I recently became a Dad for a second time so my mind is working in weird ways at the moment as a result of sleep deprivation….

Downtime – when they are asleep. Unlike in computing, this time is welcome and to be made the most of

Out of memory – now what was I doing?

Deadlock – “bath-time!” – “story first” -  “bath then story” – “story then bath” -  “bath” – “story”

High CPU Spike – what happens when a toddler eats too much ice-cream

Crash – toddler + doorframe/furniture/tree/anything-hard-and-immoveable

Bugs – what they catch when they go to nursery/day-care

System dump – see nappy (a.k.a. diaper) changing

Comments (1)

  1. Kevin Walker says:

    You could also have:

    Download – baby takes first dump of the day! (sorry – it's my mind)

    Viruses – same as bugs but more dangerous

    Mouse – keep baby away for as may catch bug or virus!

    Dongle – high tech dummy

    Hard drive – what they do when they get old enough for pocket money

    Regards, Kevin.

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