Failed to CoCreate profiler

Sometimes support cases are like buses. You never see one and then two or three the same come along all at once. Recently one of my team mates asked me about an error his customer was getting in their event log: Source: CLR Category: None Event ID: 0 Description: The description for Event ID (0)…


Update to CLR 2.0 version history post

I finally got around to doing an update to my CLR 2.0 version history post, to which there is a permanent link on on the home page of this blog titled “CLR 2.0 Fixes” under the “Articles, list and resources” heading. HTH Doug


Some useful links..

Here are a few links I’ve saved for a rainy day. You never know, if you get bored of eating mince pies, chocolates or watching Dr Who you might fancy some of the following brain food…   First of all, some great links for learning about batch files and command prompts:  …