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0:001> .foreach ( greeting {s -[1]u 0 L?0xffffffff "Merry"} ) {.printf "%mu" , greeting }
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas brain teaser: based off this, what can infer about the most likely bit-ness of the process and the operating system I was debugging on and why?



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  1. ok, I don’t know but you’ve piqued my interested.  I love solving problems, but this one eludes me. Hoping for other readers to answer soon or someone to ping me with the answer.. and give me some background so I can learn.

    its printing a greeting for each string in something but I don’t know the language or its more adv. than I’ve seen before. although I might guess its on Mac OSX because a couple pieces are C-like and perhaps its Objective-C?

  2. So at Christmas I posed a brain teaser . "0:001> .foreach ( greeting {s -[1]u 0 L?0xffffffff

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