Troubleshooting .NET 2.0 performance counters

Sadly, from time to time, the .NET 2.0 performance counters can go a bit wrong. This is a handy article to remember when you need to troubleshoot them. Doug


Wanna job?

The developer support team I belong to needs you. If you have fluent French, good English (written and spoken), preferably live within a commute distance of the south of Paris, have a passion for Microsoft’s web developer technologies, have great customer service skills and have rock solid troubleshooting skills then read more at Tess’ post….


Why I blog

Darren Strange, UK Office Product Manager, wrote an interesting post about why he blogs. I started blogging as a complementary aspect to the job that I do which is supporting Microsoft development technologies. I wasn’t “tasked” with it by my management and indeed if I ever was then I would probably stop as that would…