Typing rate

Daniel's post about his typing rate piqued my curiosity so I gave it a go.


Number of words typed: 155
Test duration: 3 min
Speed: 51.9 words/min. (259 keystrokes/min.)
Error penalty: 9
Accuracy: 94.2%

It's interesting that of those who post their full results, we're all at around the 94% or 95% accuracy mark.

So don't worry Daniel. Looks like I am down there at the bottom of the league with you.



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  1. imRahulSoni says:

    Thanks for the link Doug. It was fun 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    I need to take an assessment test that will comprise of typing. I have been typing for years, just not sure I can do 50wpm consistently.  Help plse?  any interesting sites that can help me?


  3. Hi Rob

    I am no expert. I would suggest searching the web for mavis beacon.


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