What’s wrong with this message?

One of my machines wasn't responding this morning so I switched my switch box to it and saw this:

Keyboard failure
Press F1 to continue or F2 to run setup



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  1. psclil says:



    in Israel the electric company said they’ll report in

    their website and on television about power problems…

  2. 🙂 and my broadband company expects you to report technical problems online….

  3. anothr user says:

    One new subscriber from Anothr Alerts

  4. Rich Wilson says:

    You work for MS- we were hoping you could tell us!

    And while you’re at it, what’s the difference between ‘A)bort, R)etry and F)ail’ anyway?

  5. I’m not denying some Microsoft messages can be pretty cryptic 🙂 and where I can I try to get them fixed, but I think the above message came from the BIOS


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