Don’t block your UI thread

Even in the world of .NET, some things never change. You block your UI thread with a Sleep(10000) and wonder why it’s not painting properly? Patient: “It hurts when I do this” Physiotherapist: “Well don’t do it then” Do not block your UI thread in a non-UI friendly way.


New article on debugging .NET memory issues

The latest MSDN Magazine is now published and there is a great article about debugging .NET memory issues: “CLR Inside Out: Investigating Memory Issues”. I’ve added this to my list of .NET debugging resources which I have now changed from a blog post to an article. Cheers Doug


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A reading list for debugging, .NET, CLR, WinDBG etc

I’m often asked “Where can I learn more about doing this kind of stuff?”, this “stuff” being debugging with WinDBG, understanding how .NET works, looking at dump files and generally figuring out what’s gone wrong with .NET applications. I started assembling this list sometime ago and it is by no means complete. It keeps growing all…


Warning: this coffee may be hot

I found this article about Google’s new “code search” tool rather amusing. In a manner that reminds me of the fabled warning that gets printed on some coffee cups, helpfully advising consumers that the coffee they have just bought might be hot (‘hmm, great, that’s what I thought I’d paid for’), this article helpfully advises…


Is there a timewarp between here and redmond?

The reason I wonder that is because our dev teams seem to be pumping stuff out the door so fast at the moment that I think they must have a special 27 hour working day unlike the 8 or 10 that the rest of us have. In no particular order we have… 1) Visual Studio…