A reading list for debugging, .NET, CLR, WinDBG etc

[Update 17th October 2006. The list in this blog post is now superceded by this article which will be updated in future]


I'm often asked "Where can I learn more about doing this kind of stuff?", this "stuff" being debugging with WinDBG, understanding how .NET works, looking at dump files and generally figuring out what's gone wrong with .NET applications.

I started assembling this list sometime ago and it is by no means complete. It keeps growing all the time (I have lists coming out of my ears. I squirrel away little nuggets of information, lists and lists of lists. Like any squirrel I spend half my time trying to find these little nuggets again :-).

But here it is anyway.....


Shared Source CLI Essentials

(A good book on CLI internals etc. Although the CLI is "different" to the .NET framework, there is much in common and therefore it offers great insight into what goes on "inside" the CLR and .NET Framework.)

Debugging .NET and Windows Applications

Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability

Production Debugging for .NET Framework Applications



Drill Into .NET Framework Internals to See How the CLR Creates Runtime Objects

Root Out Elusive Production Bugs with These Effective Techniques

Windows Debuggers: Part 1: A WinDbg Tutorial

Debug Tutorial Part 1: Beginning Debugging Using CDB and NTSD

Debug Tutorial Part 2: The Stack

Debug Tutorial Part 3: The Heap

Debug Tutorial Part 4: Writing WINDBG Extensions

Debug Tutorial Part 5: Handle Leaks

Debug Tutorial Part 6: Navigating The Kernel Debugger

Debug Tutorial Part 7: Locks and Synchronization Objects
A word for WinDbg




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