DPM in Paperback…

Just found this DPM book:  ‘Mastering System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 by Devin L. Ganger (Author), Ryan Femling (Author) [..both 3Sharp, LLC]

Has anyone read it?  Is it any good for Exchange?

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  1. MarkA says:

    Had the book for a long time. The book is essential for all Exchange people who wish to make the best out of DPM. You can’t actually ‘do’ much with DPM in relation to Exchange but Devin’s book at least gives you the opportunity to understand how best to configure the DPM solution and get the maximum protection.

    Let’s hope DPM 20xx gives us a decent product.

  2. Thanks for letting us know…

    I think the decent stuff about DPM is really under the surface.  As you say there’s not much you can do with DPM – the clever stuff is how it does its stuff.  Some way ahead of its rivals in some cases in my opinion.

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