Getting your Exchange 2007 project approved – Part 6 (A few last ideas…)

OK so I just wanted to add a few more ideas that are worth exploring.. Data Centre Consolidation The idea of saving money by deploying Exchange Servers in fewer locations is not a new one and something which many companies have explored; but Exchange Server 2007 does change things slightly and so this maybe worth…


Windows Backup, Windows 2008 and Exchange 2007…

What are the options for backing up Exchange 2007 SP1 on Windows 2008? Microsoft’s VSS based application that supports the Exchange 2007 VSS Writer. (..DPM in other words) 3rd party ‘Exchange aware’ VSS based application 3rd party ‘Exchange aware’ streaming backup that uses the backup APIs locally on the Exchange Server and makes a backup…

Windows 7

Recently installed Windows 7 and really liking it so far…  Not a single issue with it over the last 2 weeks which is a bonus to start with.  Here are a few bits that I like… I’ve had a widescreen laptop for a long time and every once in a while I’ll drag the taskbar…


Getting your Exchange 2007 project approved – Part 5 (the Edge)

OK so I work for Microsoft but hey it’s worth a try …consider the Edge Transport role server as a replacement to other services in the perimeter. You should only need deploy a very small number of Edge Transport servers in your environment and you may have the opportunity to replace a number of other…

Active Directory Recycle Bin

This is worth a look on Edge: Active Directory Recycle Bin “The new Recycle Bin functionality in Server 2008 R2 is really cool – you can actually undelete objects, and all their attributes are restored as if the object never went away – no requirement to rejoin the domain for computer objects, for example.”


Getting your Exchange 2007 project approved – Part 4 (Big Mailboxes)

OK so the idea of big mailboxes has become a viable option for a lot of organisations since Exchange Server 2007 was released and now that we are seeing real examples of deployments of mailboxes of multiple GBs there is more information around to make it more of a comfortable decision to deploy large mailboxes…


Couple of nice blogs on removing internal SMTP headers

Not that I believe you should be, but if you are concerned about the server names and ip addresses that are stamped on outgoing message headers have a look at the following blogs: Removing internal host names and IP addresses from message headers on Exchangepedia Removing internal SMTP headers by Jim McBee


February 2009 MM&M UG UK

..announcing the next meeting of the Microsoft Messaging and Mobility User Group in the UK… This event will be held in London at the MSFT offices in Cardinal Place near Victoria. This month we have a evening about managing and automating Exchange led by Jonathan Medd from Hampshire County Council and Will Rawlings from Truconsulting….


£££ Time to have a word with the boss… again £££

Tech Workers Get a Raise “The average information-technology pro made $78,035 last year, a 4.6% increase from 2007, according to tech job site, which surveyed close to 20,000 of its visitors”


Strategic alliance announced in the NY Times

“Iron Mountain Digital and Microsoft Work Together to Deliver Cloud-based Backup and Recovery Solution for Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007” ..announced in the NY Times last week. “Iron Mountain Digital, the technology arm of Iron Mountain (NYSE: IRM) and the world’s leading provider of Storage-as-a-Service solutions for backup and archiving, today announced a…