Hiding Distribution List Memberships…

This is one of those issues in Exchange Server 2007 that will come up from time to time and this is the best explanation I can find for why we don't support it (but also what you can do if you really need this feature)...

Why hiding distribution memberships in Exchange 2007 is no longer supported

The article is written by a US escalation engineer...

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  1. B Smith says:

    Does the answer given apply to personal distribution lists?  A recipient that’s included in a personal distribution list should not have to scroll through a page of other recipients included in the same list.  However, if they choose to look at the other recipients in the list, the can rt. click, click on properties and view the entire list.  Please advise.

  2. Think it might be worth clarifying what you mean by a personal distribution list and posting this comment to Dave Goldmans blog… where I got this article.  He’d be better placed to answer.


    Sorry I can’t be of more help….

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