E2K7 SP1 Beta 2

Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 Beta 2 has now been released. For more information have a read of Terry Myersons article on You Had Me at EHLO...

Here are a few of the changes included in Beta 2:

  • SCR code is included.
  • New OWA themes (X-Box, Zune)
  • S/MIME features updated
  • HTML filtering (now S/MIME message reading and editing is full fidelity)
  • Integration with anti-junk/phishing mail features
  • Full Access permission management for mailboxes and mail-enabled public folders
  • More ActiveSync policy settings
  • Inter-Site Message Size Restrictions feature enable.
  • Test-ReplicationHealth is a new task that MOM pack uses to monitor HA replication.  (<test-replicationhealth |fl >pathtotextfile.txt> is a great quick one for e2k7 administrators)

For a complete of what we can expect in SP1 there is an Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 'Fact Sheet' on Microsoft.com here

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