Run your own Exchange Server Health Check….


I  have worked at Microsoft for over 3 years now and have spent a lot of that time working on the Exchange Risk Assessment Program.  This is offered to Microsoft's Premier customers and is designed to assess the potential risks to a customers Exchange Organization.  It's a fantastic initiative and if followed correctly offers our customers a real chance to improve the efficiency, performance and security of their messaging infrastructure and ultimately increase uptime, reduce costs and improve the satisfaction of a customers messaging service.

Having completed not far off 100 of these risk assessments I thought it a good idea to share some of the experience I have gained.  Anyone running Exchange 2000\2003 Server should be able to run their own risk assessment in a couple of days; the aim being to produce a list of issues and the steps to resolution.

This is definitely not designed to replace the ExRAP as the official risk assessment covers a lot more than I can here but this health check will be a good place to start in my opinion.

I'll break this health check down into several parts as follows:

There is not a lot of good information out on the Internet for non-premier customers about the ExRAP offered by Microsoft but I've included some links here....

And some other information here about Premier Services and what's on offer....


..'Run your own Exchange Server Health Check....  The Tools' to follow soon...

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  1. Hi, As promised I have uploaded the slides from the November session where we discussed best practice…

  2. Satisfy Me says:

    Before we prepared lunch for the kids yesterday, I was forwarded an article from Advertising Age this

  3. I wrote a series of blogs a while back which might help.. ‘ Run your own Exchange Server Health Check….

  4. Vikas Sukhija says:

    Run exchange health checks by using below script , it will cover Dag, PAM,DB health , mail flow…/Exchange-2010-Health-Check-7be55c87

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