DotNetZip revs to v1.6 – now with Unicode support

The v1.6 release of DotNetZip is now available.  DotNetZip is the open source Zip Library for .NET, available at . Major new features: Unicode support, as well as support for arbitrary code pages. Now you can build zip files that have names with Unicode characters. Large file support.  Full streaming architecture means you can…


DotNetZip users: Please Test Unicode support (free zip library for .NET)

DotNetZip is an open-source library to allow any .NET application to read and create zip files.  If you want your ASP.NET page to grab an uploaded zipfile and unpack it on the server, DotNetZip can help you.  If you want to generate a zipfile from a server-based app like an ASP.NET page and send it…


Create Zip files within Powershell

You can use DotNetZip library from within Powershell.  It’s pretty simple, fast, easy. example: function ZipUp-Files ( $directory ) { $children = get-childitem -path $directory foreach ($o in $children) { if ($o.Name -ne “TestResults” -and $o.Name -ne “obj” -and $o.Name -ne “bin” -and $o.Name -ne “tfs” -and $o.Name -ne “notused” -and $o.Name -ne “Release”) {…


DotNetZip, open source library for .ZIP files, revs to v1.5 – nice ASP.NET capability

DotNetZip, the open source Zip Library for .NET, is now at v1.5.  Find it at . New features:  ASP.NET – save a zip archive directly to Response.OutputStream to send down to the browser client, no need to create an intermediate file on the server disk. The ZipFile class has a progress event now, which you…


DotNetZip now can save directly to ASP.NET Response.OutputStream

Did you ever want to zip up a file within an ASP.NET page, and then send it as a download for the requesting browser?  The DotNetZip lib works within ASP.NET, and a recent update, available in the v1.5 preview release, allows you to create a zip file and save it directly to Response.OutputStream, with no…


Some uses of the Ionic DotNetZip library

ASP.NET App that compresses a file as it is uploaded  ASP.NET app to manipulate ZIP files as virtual directories or read-only resource containers. Manipulate .DOCX files without using .NET 3.0 library code EasyZip: Manipulate XNA Game Studio (xbox game development) content simply and easily Tutorial (en espanol) on zipping multiple files into an archive,…


DotNetZip, open source library for .ZIP files, revs to v1.4

I have updated DotNetZip, the open source Zip Library for .NET, to v1.4.  Find it at . New features!!  password support is here!  Whoohoo!!  This is PKzip (weak) encryption.  Another new feature:  you can now add entries into zips using content from streams.  There are clearer exceptions generated in the case of errors. Beyond new features,…


DotNetZip, open source ZIP library for .NET applications, revs to v1.3

I have updated DotNetZip, the open source Zip Library for .NET, to v1.3.  [Update, 3 January 2009:  DotNetZip is now at v1.7 .  It includes Unicode, ZIP64, and runs on the Compact Framework. ] Find it at . Some of the key fixes new features include: ability to read and write zips via streams, better interop with Java+Linux, better…


DotNet Zip Library Graduates to CodePlex

I finally created a CodePlex project for the .NET Zip Library. Find it at . If you want some background on the Zip Library, check out my prior posts on this topic.


More .Net Zip Library/Utility updates

[Update:  this code has been moved to a codeplex project: .  Go there for the latest source for ths .NET Zip/compression library.  It does ZIP, ZIP64, SFX, passwords, unicode, and streams. All zips are fully interoperable. ]   I updated the Zip library again, this time to support the adding of fully qualified…