Simple Object Apology Protocol? Are we, maybe, moving an itsy bitsy bit too fast here?

I just read David Ing’s post on Simple Object Apology Protocol. He’s got some interesting ideas there, but some of his conclusions seem to be based on some serious hand-waving.   One excerpt:   I think the ‘mistake’ of the Indigo cycle was trying to move a certain way (strong typed contracts and the stack of specs on…


Improving WCF Interoperability

WCF supports WS-* protocols, so Microsoft claims it is fully interoperable. Alas, that is not always sufficient, as Christian Weyer has discovered.  Check out what he did to get WCF apps to more easily interop with tools for Flex and PHP. 


WCF to IBM Mainframe CICS?

CICS Transaction Server, sometimes known as CTS and sometimes just called CICS,  added support for WS-AtomicTransaction ,  as of November 2005.   There’s a tutorial for setting this up, on the IBM website. Essentially CICS TS can act as a provider or consumer of web services. Here’s an overview of SOAP-for-CICS. (from IBM).  To build apps for this…


First Tango in Redmond?

First Tango in Redmond? Sun has given their JWSDP+WCF interop effort an official project name – they call it Project Tango. I just saw the official announcement of this. For a long time Microsoft has worked with many others in the WS-* “plugfests” and there is another one happening right now as I post this,…

WCF Community

WCF community Microsoft launched a new community website for Windows Communication Foundation. Check it out. I expect it to turn into a a great spot to swap intelligence on how to effectively apply WCF for building distributed applications in .NET.