Web services interop with WCF – Relevant Forum Questions

I was just browsing the WCF forum on MSDN. Here’s a summary of the recent interesting threads dealing with interop: How to map complex data types exposed by a J2EE web services, into a WCF client? How to use connect from an AXIS 2 client to a WCF service using SSL? How to transfer a…


How to Build REST apps on .NET using WCF

There’s a new screencast series on building services using the WCF part of .NET.  The first few are already available.  The first one is the basic “Hello World” example, the next couple cover REST:   How to build a WCF Service using Visual Studio 2008, and .NET 3.5. (10 minutes) Creating a HI-REST GET Service…


Facebook Thrift, Google ProtoBufs, and Interop

Dare had an en-pointe analysis of the emergence of various new non-standarcd communications protocols, such as Facebook Thrift and Google Protocol buffers, and how they compare to the standards-based comms protocols like RSS, ATOM or even WS-*.  Dare correctly points out that these tools can be useful if you tightly control the endpoints involved in…


New WCF + WF blog: Endpoint

A New Blog started last week, aggregating WCF and WF topics.  If you’re like me you have really good intentions about reading blogs, you have your subscriptions all organized, you download the content through outlook daily… but then when it comes down to it, it’s hard to keep up with reading them all. Now there’s…


Varying Content-Type according to the URL in a WCF REST Service

My buddy Justin wrote about how to set the Content-Type headers in a WebGet method in a WCF REST app. Doing this would allow each WebGet method to specify its own Content-Type at runtime.  After I summarized how to build a WCF REST app in a post a couple weeks ago, Kyle Beyer asked if there…


Why choose WCF for REST?

Chuck, in a comment on a previous post, posed this question:  Why choose WCF for a REST app?  Here it is in full context: I’m having a hard time justifying why I would use WCF for REST. It seems dead simple in ASP.NET (or any other web framework), yet obscure in WCF. There are two…


MySpace, and Content-Type Negotiation in REST using WCF

Hah!   followup on a hot topic. I posted earlier on content-type negotiation in REST with WCF.   My buddy Vittorio wrote about MySpace’s kiss-and-tell episode at Mix08.  MySpace has exposed a REST interface for the MySpace resources – see http://developer.myspace.com for more info – and the designers talked about their experience at the MIX08 conference…


Content-Type negotiation and REST (and how WCF fits in)

Just had a comment-exchange on my prior post on How to build a REST app in WCF. I thought I would reproduce and elaborate on it a bit here, in a post. Kyle Beyer asked how to make WCF honor a content-type header (Accept header) in the request, and then modify the result of the…


The WCF Samples have been updated

The WCF samples published by Microsoft were updated in early March 2008. Download the samples here.