Microsoft launches new SOA Website

The new Microsoft SOA & Business Process website is up! And I am really pleased to see it. Mea culpa time: For a long time, we (Microsoft) have not effectively communicated with customers and partners about Service Oriented Architecture. That’s why I’m so pleased to see this new website. By the way, the new website…


Guerrilla SOA = Real World SOA?

A couple weeks back, in a post entitled “The time may be ripe for ‘Guerrilla SOA’”, Joe McKendrick wrote about a meme that Jim Webber of Thoughtworks initially introduced in an interview with The idea is that if SOA adoption for a company requires a massive mobilization of resources and people, it’s often a non-starter….

on SOA, open standards, open source, and other nonsense

I read a blog post by Loraine Lawson that she titled “Biz Talk Server R2 Offers Peek at Microsoft’s SOA Strategy”. I found a bunch of things in that post disconcerting. Thought I’d respond a little here, not directly to the blog in detail, but more generally about SOA. SOA does not “demand open source”…


Commentary: OASIS is on the wrong path with the SCA standardization effort

I am sort of on an SCA kick here.  I just saw this post from Dick Weisinger of Formtek. In it he questions the approach OASIS is taking with the SCA family of specifications.  Dick implies that SOA is already too complex for most people, and creating six new standards isn’t going to simplify anything….


Zorro as SOA architect?

The latest from Zorro cracked me up.  Where is he going with this?

SCA is an endorsement of WCF?

huh? SCA is an endorsement of WCF? Seriously? I posted earlier in the summer about SCA and made a statement to that effect.  That post just got a comment questioning my sanity or intelligence or both (the comment asked if I was in marketing.  Can you believe that? The nerve of some people!) Talking about…


IBM WebSphere Registry/Repository and Interop with .NET, part 3

Back in May, IBM had posted an article describing how to connect to its WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) from .NET applications. A surprise to me.  Not long ago I was huffing about lack interop on WSRR.  I later amended my comments in a followup post, saying that IBM had documented a SOAP interface to…


Talking about SOA to the Business Owners

Not really interop, but here’s a discussion of how to talk about SOA to business owners.  The view here is that Business value (agility, quicker deployments, less cost for development) is definitely the place to begin. But be prepared to discuss [the technical aspects of] services and explain why SOA is better than EAI or…

Web 2.0 versus WS-* ?

Zorro weighs in?