Microsoft Platform services

Microsoft has a new web page up covering a collection of hosted platform services.  Worth checking out. There is good interop capabilities in all of these.  I’m thinking maybe I have to stand up some PHP examples that connect to SQL Server Data  Services and also to the BizTalk Services integration bus.  What you think?


SOAP? REST? Whichever you choose, WCF is the right framework

There’s a new paper by David Chappell that is worth checking out.  Entitled “Dealing with Diversity: Understanding WCF Communication Options in the .NET Framework 3.5”, it discusses WCF and its applicability to REST as well as WS-* style communications.  (To get the paper, click the link and then scroll down to download the Diversity paper.) As…


Microsoft launches new SOA Website

The new Microsoft SOA & Business Process website is up! And I am really pleased to see it. Mea culpa time: For a long time, we (Microsoft) have not effectively communicated with customers and partners about Service Oriented Architecture. That’s why I’m so pleased to see this new website. By the way, the new website…


Project Astoria, S+S, and Interop

With the unveiling of Project Astoria, we’re seeing more and more “services in the sky” from Microsoft.  Of course there is the BizTalk Services ISB, which I commented on previously.  At Mix, Microsoft talked about a bunch of things, but one category was the Windows Live platform. Lots of new services offerings, and lots more action…

"BizTalk Services" ISB debuts

This just in…. Microsoft has just released a Community Technology Preview (CTP) of BizTalk Services, a set of hosted services delivered via the Internet to help developers rapidly build and run composite applications at internet scale.  At it’s core, it is an Internet Service Bus. With platform technologies including Windows Server, the .NET Framework, BizTalk Server,…