More on PowerShell Interop – this time with Tibco EMS

Keeping on the theme of PowerShell interop…. Marc Adler wrote up a short, sweet little CmdLet for querying TIBCO EMS. And he separately referenced a CmdLet by Scott Weinstein for connecting PowerShell to Coral8.  

PowerShell CMDLets for WebSphere MQ – administer queues on Windows or Linux

Last year, I wrote about the idea of PowerShell CmdLets for WebSphere MQ.  PowerShell is a beautiful scripting environment, you see, and it allows you to load any managed class library and then call into it.  This is what allows me to, for example, create zip files within Powershell.  But there are of course a zillion…


Create Zip files within Powershell

You can use DotNetZip library from within Powershell.  It’s pretty simple, fast, easy. example: function ZipUp-Files ( $directory ) { $children = get-childitem -path $directory foreach ($o in $children) { if ($o.Name -ne “TestResults” -and $o.Name -ne “obj” -and $o.Name -ne “bin” -and $o.Name -ne “tfs” -and $o.Name -ne “notused” -and $o.Name -ne “Release”) {…


C# Code Completion in emacs – getting beanshell equivalent in CSDE

The beanshell is something that, I think, was specially engineered to support the JDE, and particularly the code completion stuff.  In JDEE, emacs starts up a Java VM and runs the beanshell class, in comint (command interpreter) mode.  Then emacs can send commands to this beanshell thing, commands like “Tell me what you know about…


Powershell script to batch-update AssemblyInfo.cs with new Version

I wrote this script to update all the AssemblyInfo.cs files in a Visual Studio solution, to have the same version number. This is the kind of thing I would have used Perl to do, in the past. But Powershell’s got this covered nicely. [ 23 April 2008 – 1150am PST – I updated the script…


WPF invokes Powershell.exe as an inferior shell

I wrote this up as an example of how to run powershell.exe as an inferior shell from within a WPF app. It is not a “Powershell host” in the normal sense of the word, with a RunSpace and a RunSpaceFactory and so on.  Instead, this example uses System.Diagnostics.Process to start powershell.exe as a process, and…


PowerShell in Emacs, proof!

Here’s the proof that you can run powershell as a shell in Emacs. Grab the download from yesterday to get this awesome power yourself!


Run PowerShell as a shell within Emacs

I saw a couple people asking about running powershell as an inferior shell within emacs.  Here’s what I do. For the tragically unhip, some background: PowerShell is a nifty shell, it ships as an add-on to Windows.  Currently at v1.0, but the v2.0 is available as a CTP.  Emacs is the venerable supereditor that does 1001…


IBM’s new MQ Blog includes some good .NET stuff

The MQ Engineers at IBM’s Hursley Lab (near Winchester, England) now have a blog.  (By the way, the Hursley campus is just gorgeous.) The blog is pretty new, started only last month, as far as I can tell, but it is already chock-full of interesting, high-content posts.   I learned about it when Saket Rungta of IBM…