It just got easier to build REST apps in .NET

The REST starter kit that we launched at PDC is now live! :: . The WCF REST Starter Kit is a set of features, Visual Studio templates, samples and guidance that help people build REST apps using WCF.  WCF, part of the .NET Framework, got some enhancements for REST support in the .NET 3.5 release.  This…


SQL Server driver for PHP

In case you missed it: The first CTP (Community Technology Preview) of the SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP, is now available for download from Microsoft. Microsoft announced the imminent release of this thing during the Zend/PHP Conference 10 days ago [news]. The CTP release of the driver is not suitable for production use, but is usable…


PHP on Vista with IIS7

I upgraded my work machine, back in October.  My old standby IBM Thinkpad T30, after years of loyal service, was starting to fall apart.  Random pieces were coming loose from the case and the keyboard was no longer delivering “Five 9’s reliability”.  Sometimes the keys worked, sometimes not.  Also the disk drive was giving me…


FastCGI on IIS

Bill Staples of Microsoft blogged on the newly announced partnership between Zend and Microsoft, one of the first deliverables is a FastCGI implementation on Windows and IIS, which allows PHP to run faster and more reliably on Windows.  Nice! -Dino    

.NET and PHP on CodePlex

CodePlex is Microsoft’s new community development site.  One of the interesting projects there is focused on interop – between PHP and .NET.