Weblogic JMS with .NET

This came out last month, I just learned about it from an email from Jesus today. WebLogic Server 10gR3 now has an officially-supported .NET client for its JMS provider.   Very cool.  Some of you might be wondering, just what does that mean?  It means there is a queue mechanism in the WebLogic Server, for a long time…


Oracle developer tools for .NET, including ASP.NET Providers

I missed this.  In June, Oracle delivered a new beta of its .NET Developer tools. Some highlights: VS2005 integration Server Explorer, Data Sources Window, the Dataset Designer, and more integration with Query Designer support for creating and modifying User Defined Types (UDTs) ODP.NET smaller install support for UDTs  smarter connection pooling in authenticated connections new perfmon…


SQL Server 2005 SP2, November CTP – Interop with Oracle and Hyperion

ooooh, my my my.   Everyone is awaiting SQL Server 2005 SP2, because SP2 is required to run SQL Server 2005 correctly on Windows Vista.  But there are also some interop goodies in SQL Server 2005 SP2, or at least in the November CTP.  For those of you who are not current on all the techno jargon,…


Connecting ASP.NET 2.0 GridView to Oracle

Connecting ASP.NET 2.0 GridView to Oracle Lots of people ask about connecting to Oracle with .NET. My answer has always been, there are lots of ways to do it, it’s easy. A managed provider for Oracle has shipped with .NET since v1.0, and of course is included in v1.1 and the recently released v2.0 of…


Oracle Advanced Queues and .NET

Over on the Code Project, CastorTiu posted an article about using Oracle Advanced Queues from within .NET.   I missed the article when it posted about a month ago, but I’m sure it will be interesting to .NET developers who use Oracle in mission-critical or transaction processing apps. Earlier in 2005, I think Oracle re-named the feature…


Oracle: .NET Stored Procedures, etc

.NET Stored Procedures for Oracle10gR2, etc. Here’s a presentation from OracleWorld by Christian Shay of Oracle, on how .NET devs can exploit new .NET features in Oracle 10gR2. Really cool. One of the capabilities allows you can write Oracle stored procedures in VB.NET or C#, right from within Visual Studio.NET. (They call this the “Oracle…


download the Oracle add-in for VS2003 and .NET

I had previously mentioned that Oracle planned to release a VS2003 add-in.   InfoWorld reports that Oracle has delivered it.  Download it here.  Nice! -Dino