Enable .NET 3.5 goodies in IIS vdir

Some of you may be oddballs like me:  you like .NET, you program in .NET, but you don’t always use Visual Studio.   You hand-code everything for some applications.  You often open up a text editor and just start writing a source module, with no wizards, no project templates, etc.  You hand-code your MSbuild files.  You…


Profiles in Microsoftee-hood

I hadn’t seen Microspotting before – consider me educated. It’s a blg site run by a Microsoft employee that profiles… Microsoft employees. Enough about you.  Let’s talk about me! Yeah, it’s self-centered, but despite that I found the blog to be well written and I expect it will be really interesting, for MS employees as…


What is Scalability? Do I have Extreme Requirements?

Can I turn my Volvo into an F1 Racer?     I am a fan of auto racing. I started following racing way, way back. At the low end of the spectrum, anyone with a car can get started racing in autocrosses and track days, for not very much money. At the other end of…


.NET Terrarium – it’s BAAAAAACK!

Remember Terrarium?  It was a .NET 1.0 learning tool disguised as a game.  Microsoft released a developer’s kit, and and people built herbivores, carnivores, or plants and introduced them into a peer-to-peer, networked ecosystem where they interacted and sometimes competed for survival. There was a visual display element of course.  It was kinda like SimCity crossed…


Interesting – CacheMan for .NET

A distributed object cache (distributed hashtable) for .NET http://www.sriramkrishnan.com/blog/2008/02/cacheman-fast-distributed-hashtable-for.html  


Powershell script to batch-update AssemblyInfo.cs with new Version

I wrote this script to update all the AssemblyInfo.cs files in a Visual Studio solution, to have the same version number. This is the kind of thing I would have used Perl to do, in the past. But Powershell’s got this covered nicely. [ 23 April 2008 – 1150am PST – I updated the script…


MSBuild script for compiling each .cs file into an EXE

I previously wrote about using MSBuild to build all .cs files in a directory into a single exe. Here’s a companion script that builds every .cs file into a separate exe. This might be helpful for directories where you keep sets of small projects, where each source file stands alone, that sort of thing. (I’m…


WPF invokes Powershell.exe as an inferior shell

I wrote this up as an example of how to run powershell.exe as an inferior shell from within a WPF app. It is not a “Powershell host” in the normal sense of the word, with a RunSpace and a RunSpaceFactory and so on.  Instead, this example uses System.Diagnostics.Process to start powershell.exe as a process, and…


MSBuild script for compiling all .cs files into a single assembly (DLL or EXE)

I love Visual Studio, but sometimes I build code using no graphical IDE – just the .NET Framework SDK.  I wrote an article not long ago describing how to build a WCF Service using .NET 3.5, and just the SDK.  I’ve always been a makefile weenie, but msbuild is the new build tool – it…


Don’t Believe Everything you Read on Wikipedia, especially about C# Anonymous Functions

I was reading Wikipedia the other day, and saw this: C# has partial anonymous function support through the use of delegates. … Since anonymous methods are not nameless and can only be declared inside methods of classes then C# does not support full anonymous functionality. Hmph, who’s in charge here?  I don’t really feel any ownership…