WSDL-First development with WCF

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that you could do WSDL-First development with WCF, but I didn’t go into detail as to how that would work.  Somebody asked, so I guess I’ll describe the specific steps. I want to use a real scenario, so for a WSDL, I will use the WSDL that Microsoft defines…


Flatten your WSDL with this Custom ServiceHost for WCF

Yesterday I mentioned using a custom service host to flatten the WSDL that is generated by a WCF service.  This is something Christian showed us all how to do a long while ago, to improve interoperability between WCF-implemented services and consumers written on other technology stacks.  Flattening WSDL is important for Interop purposes becausse many…


DotNetZip users: Please Test Unicode support (free zip library for .NET)

DotNetZip is an open-source library to allow any .NET application to read and create zip files.  If you want your ASP.NET page to grab an uploaded zipfile and unpack it on the server, DotNetZip can help you.  If you want to generate a zipfile from a server-based app like an ASP.NET page and send it…


Many many LINQ Providers

When LINQ shipped, it included a provider model, to encourage people to make other systems and data stores accessible from the coolness-that-is-LINQ.  Back in February, Charlie Calvert published a  long list of LINQ providers.  In July, Robert Shelton later reblogged it.  Charlie also has a list of LINQ Links.  Nice to see.  By my count there are…

Using the WSDL-First design approach with WCF services

Couple of helpful posts from the archives for you.  If you are care about interop, then you probably want to use a contract-first or WSDL-first design for your web services.  In other words, you will not simply decorate server-side code annotations (in Java) or attributes (in .NET) and generate WSDL dynamically from that running code. …


Web services interop with WCF – Relevant Forum Questions

I was just browsing the WCF forum on MSDN. Here’s a summary of the recent interesting threads dealing with interop: How to map complex data types exposed by a J2EE web services, into a WCF client? How to use connect from an AXIS 2 client to a WCF service using SSL? How to transfer a…


How to Build REST apps on .NET using WCF

There’s a new screencast series on building services using the WCF part of .NET.  The first few are already available.  The first one is the basic “Hello World” example, the next couple cover REST:   How to build a WCF Service using Visual Studio 2008, and .NET 3.5. (10 minutes) Creating a HI-REST GET Service…


Editing XAML in Emacs

Luis Diego Fallas provides some hints.  He uses a RELAX NG based parser called nXML mode for emacs.  


REST Q & A – enough already

Tim Bray at Sun has some questions and comments on REST. First, let me say that the religious wars over WS-* and REST seem to be generated by a very small number of people who have a very large amount of spare time. Don’t these people have things to do?  Can it possibly be enlightening or…


HOW TO: Configure the jakarta Tomcat connector for IIS (serve JSP from IIS)

Steve Sfartz offers a tip for configuring the Tomcat connector on IIS, to allow IIS and Tomcat to run from the same domain.  This will allow numerous interop scenarios,  one of which is to allow IIS to serve Silverlight apps while the Tomcat engine can serve JSP and Servlets.