Making Hideshow.el work with Csharp-mode.el and region/endregion

The default hideshow.el stuff in emacs doesn’t “do” region/endregion, which is commonly seen in C# modules.  Thankfully, the hideshow people thought of this, and made available a customization hook, where you can specify how to navigate blocks within the buffer.  It is hs-forward-sexp-func, and you can customize it for any mode.  I wrote one to…


Emacs is better than Visual Studio as a C# Development Tool?!!

I recently spent some time fiddling with my setup of emacs on Windows. I use emacs for lots of stuff; just now I optimized my setup for development of C# apps. I knew of the JDEE, which has been around for a long time. JDEE is the Java Development Environment for Emacs; it used to…


CopySourceAsHTML in Emacs? Htmlize.el

There’s a nice add-in for Visual Studio called CopySourceAsHTML (for VS2005, VS2008), which I have been using for a while now. Turns out there was an earlier progenitor in htmlize.el for emacs. Here’s the result:


PowerShell in Emacs, proof!

Here’s the proof that you can run powershell as a shell in Emacs. Grab the download from yesterday to get this awesome power yourself!


Run PowerShell as a shell within Emacs

I saw a couple people asking about running powershell as an inferior shell within emacs.  Here’s what I do. For the tragically unhip, some background: PowerShell is a nifty shell, it ships as an add-on to Windows.  Currently at v1.0, but the v2.0 is available as a CTP.  Emacs is the venerable supereditor that does 1001…


How to Build a REST app in .NET (with WCF)

My prior post talked about how NOT to write a REST app in .NET. I mentioned WCF as the preferred option. In this post, I’ll describe the steps for how you should do it. Some background First up, you should use WCF to build your REST app. WCF is the Windows Communication Foundation. (Microsoft has…