Enable .NET 3.5 goodies in IIS vdir

Some of you may be oddballs like me:  you like .NET, you program in .NET, but you don’t always use Visual Studio.   You hand-code everything for some applications.  You often open up a text editor and just start writing a source module, with no wizards, no project templates, etc.  You hand-code your MSbuild files.  You…


Editing XAML in Emacs

Luis Diego Fallas provides some hints.  He uses a RELAX NG based parser called nXML mode for emacs. http://langexplr.blogspot.com/2008/08/using-emacs-and-nxml-to-edit-xaml-files.html  


Emacs regex to grok csc compilation errors

People have asked about this.  This is the regular expression I use to allow emacs’ next-error function to handle csc error messages.  It is included in the emacs.el that I published previously.  Here it is excerpted for convenience. ;; to allow next-error to work with csc.exe: (setq compilation-scroll-output t) (setq-default compilation-error-regexp-alist ; (append ‘( ;…


C# Code Completion in emacs – CSDE now has a CsdeShell

I’ve been fiddling some more with C# code completion in emacs. I wrote a csde-shell.el that is the CSDE equivalent to JDE’s beanshell.el . It runs as an inferior shell in emacs. The csde code-completion logic calls out to this shell to inquire about types by name. The shell then returns type information as lisp…


C# Code Completion in emacs – getting beanshell equivalent in CSDE

The beanshell is something that, I think, was specially engineered to support the JDE, and particularly the code completion stuff.  In JDEE, emacs starts up a Java VM and runs the beanshell class, in comint (command interpreter) mode.  Then emacs can send commands to this beanshell thing, commands like “Tell me what you know about…


C# Code Completion in emacs – a look at Cedet, semantic, and CSDE

In my prior post I wrote that I have a dream of getting c# code completion in emacs. Jason Rumney wrote to me: I think everything you want is here: http://cedet.sourceforge.net/semantic.shtml  Semantic is what JDEE uses to provide code completion, and the page above claims grammars are already available for C# . Well, I checked…


I have a dream! C# Code Completion in Emacs (csense, dabbrev, etc)

No good options here. I know, dabbrev does some neat things. But it pales in comparison to real code completion as you get in Visual Studio, or, I think, even SharpDevelop. I checked out a module called csense that a lone developer hacked together last year. The goal of the project looked simple, focused, valuable: real…


C# snippets for yasnippet.el (Emacs snippets)

Some nice person built yasnippet.el, a snippet package for emacs. You type 2 or 3 letters, then hit TAB, and it expands into a snippet.  Like dabbrev, but with forms-based fill-in fields.  It’s quickie code generation. Sadly, no C# snippets are included. Here’s my contribution (attached).  There’s one for try..catch, foreach, for, using, while, class definition, property definition,…


Getting emacs flymake.el to work with C# modules

[I’m going to try to keep this up to date, because I periodically change tweak and improve flymake setup… Latest is 23 April 2008] I Loooooooove Flymake.  Emacs, since a while back, ships with a package called flymake.el, that defines a minor mode.  When you enable this mode, flymake more-or-less continuously compiles the module you’re working…


Dino’s .emacs file

[I’m going to try to keep this up to date, because I periodically change tweak and improve flymake setup… Latest is 15 April 2008] This includes all my setup for C# development, including yasnippet, hideshow, flymake, htmlize, defaultcontent, timestamp, csharp-mode, and so on. The flymake is pulled out, you can find it here. ;; ;;…