Microsoft + Apache = ?

You saw the big news: Microsoft announced that it will give $100k to the Apache Software Foundation. What are the implications of this move? I don’t know exactly, but I smell opportunity!  I feel very pleased with this step. Of course, it is only a start, and we will have to see how it goes. …


Microsoft Becomes a Platinum Sponsor of Apache Foundation

Ha! It happened, just not in the way I thought it might. In February, I wrote that Microsoft, if it’s bid to acquire Yahoo were successful, would become a Platinum sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation.  Last week, MS took a much cheaper route, and just gave $100,000 directly to Apache. WOW!  


.NET and Java Interop over Web services – using JMS!

Earlier this month, Syscon published an article that describes how to interconnect .NET and Java apps via a web services programming model, but using JMS as part of the connectivity infrastructure.  I just saw it today. The solution relies on ActiveMQ.  The key capability of ActiveMQ that makes this all possible is that it exposes…