WADL and WSDL and REST, oh my!

Hernan Garcia made an interesting comment on my post of yesterday:  For REST, there is an alternative to the WSDL in SOAP and it is WADL. Good point Mr Garcia – The adoption and practical utility of WADL is worth watching.  The question for me becomes whether WADL+REST is actually better than WSDL+SOAP, or just different.  Whether…


Interesting: Microsoft may become Platinum Sponsor of Apache Software Foundation

Am I the first to notice this?  Yahoo is a platinum sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation.  If Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Yahoo goes through, Microsoft will assume that role. Interesting! I wonder if that is the key reason Steve Ballmer wants to spend $44Billion on Yahoo?  heh heh.


Java Native Interface library for MSMQ – opensource on CodePlex

More CodePlex stuff. I have posted MsmqJava, an open source MSMQ Library for Java, on CodePlex. Find it at http://www.codeplex.com/MsmqJava . This thing allows any Java application running on Windows to connect to MSMQ, to enqueue and dequeue items, via a Java Native Interface.   It’s a nifty technology enabling interop between .NET apps and Java apps…


DotNetZip, open source ZIP library for .NET applications, revs to v1.3

I have updated DotNetZip, the open source Zip Library for .NET, to v1.3.  [Update, 3 January 2009:  DotNetZip is now at v1.7 .  It includes Unicode, ZIP64, and runs on the Compact Framework. ] Find it at http://www.codeplex.com/DotNetZip . Some of the key fixes new features include: ability to read and write zips via streams, better interop with Java+Linux, better…


Another SOAP and REST discussion, Same Result

Catching up with some reading, I was looking through the SDTimes issue from January 1st (yes, I know, it is now February.  Cut me some slack!).  In it, Sanjiva Weerawarana, CEO of WS02, has a guest editorial column about your favorite subject and mine:  REST versus SOAP.  Nothing really new, to me anyway, in that…