DotNetZip revs to v1.6 – now with Unicode support

The v1.6 release of DotNetZip is now available.  DotNetZip is the open source Zip Library for .NET, available at .

Major new features:

  • Unicode support, as well as support for arbitrary code pages. Now you can build zip files that have names with Unicode characters.

  • Large file support.  Full streaming architecture means you can zip large files without loading them into memory all at one time.

  • Partial Trust  - for running on shared hosetd ASP.NET servers 

DotNetZip is still small, fast, and the easiest .NET zip library to use. Check this sample code:

      using (var zip = new ZipFile())

It is 100% managed code. People love it:

DotNetZip is powerful, too: it does password-protected zip files, zip comments, self-extracting zips, zip-to-stream, stream-to-zip, and more.  You can use it in any .NET app - WinForms, console app, ASP.NET page, etc.  In ASP.NET, you can write a zip archive directly to Response.OutputStream as a download to the browser client. On the codeplex site, there are lots of examples and the documentation is solid.

DotNetZip is free, but is donationware. For those who are happy with DotNetZip, I am accepting donations on behalf of my favorite charity.

Comments (3)
  1. int19h says:

    Now let’s get that merged into .NET Framework 4.0 🙂

  2. martyn says:

    Will this library fix a problem I’m having with 2008# I can’t zip the file if there is a read on the file from another workstation.. I need for a shadow zip… Any ideas or will this  do the job

  3. cheeso says:

    Hmm, I don’t know what problem you’re having martyn, but try the codeplex site- there is a forum there where you can explain what you want and so on.  

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