Profiles in Microsoftee-hood

I hadn’t seen Microspotting before – consider me educated. It’s a blg site run by a Microsoft employee that profiles… Microsoft employees.

Enough about you.  Let’s talk about me!

Yeah, it’s self-centered, but despite that I found the blog to be well written and I expect it will be really interesting, for MS employees as well as outsiders.  I especially liked the looks inside the different offices, like the tour of the new west-side South Lake Union office in Seattle. I even found some profiles of colleagues of mine in there, which is pretty neat.  The profile on Shawn Burke and the Reference Source project was nice to see. 

On the about page it says the blog site runs on some non-specified open source content management system.  I wonder what it is, and I wonder if there is any interop story there?

Anyway, Check out Microspotting.


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  1. Ariel says:

    Hey, thanks for the link!

    And PS: Microspotting is built on WordPress. 🙂