How to Build REST apps on .NET using WCF

There’s a new screencast series on building services using the WCF part of .NET.  The first few are already available.  The first one is the basic “Hello World” example, the next couple cover REST:   How to build a WCF Service using Visual Studio 2008, and .NET 3.5. (10 minutes) Creating a HI-REST GET Service…


Editing XAML in Emacs

Luis Diego Fallas provides some hints.  He uses a RELAX NG based parser called nXML mode for emacs.  


REST Q & A – enough already

Tim Bray at Sun has some questions and comments on REST. First, let me say that the religious wars over WS-* and REST seem to be generated by a very small number of people who have a very large amount of spare time. Don’t these people have things to do?  Can it possibly be enlightening or…


HOW TO: Configure the jakarta Tomcat connector for IIS (serve JSP from IIS)

Steve Sfartz offers a tip for configuring the Tomcat connector on IIS, to allow IIS and Tomcat to run from the same domain.  This will allow numerous interop scenarios,  one of which is to allow IIS to serve Silverlight apps while the Tomcat engine can serve JSP and Servlets.   


Microsoft + Apache = ?

You saw the big news: Microsoft announced that it will give $100k to the Apache Software Foundation. What are the implications of this move? I don’t know exactly, but I smell opportunity!  I feel very pleased with this step. Of course, it is only a start, and we will have to see how it goes. …


Microsoft Becomes a Platinum Sponsor of Apache Foundation

Ha! It happened, just not in the way I thought it might. In February, I wrote that Microsoft, if it’s bid to acquire Yahoo were successful, would become a Platinum sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation.  Last week, MS took a much cheaper route, and just gave $100,000 directly to Apache. WOW!  

Oslo sessions at PDC 2008    “Oslo”: Managing Software + Services Applications Presenter: Oliver Sharp Increasingly, applications will consist of services that run both on-premises and in the cloud. Learn how Microsoft is simplifying the deployment and management of Software + Services applications.   Hosting Workflows and Services in “Oslo” Presenter: Ford McKinstry “Oslo” builds on Windows Workflow (WF)…


More on non-standard RPC protocols – Cisco Etch

I came across this old bit of news – In May, Cisco joined the ranks of vendors that want to introduce a house-brand protocol and description in lieu of the standard ones already available in things like REST, SOAP, and WSDL.  Going by the name of Etch, this new thing from Cisco is supposed to solve…