Changing of the Guard: AXIS out, JAXWS in

I have come to a conclusion: I no longer want to deal with the hassle that has become Apache AXIS. Back in the day, when interconnecting Java to .NET was still novel, I started using Apache SOAP to show how interop between .NET and JAva was possible.  I was looking for something simple and easy,…


Connecting to Exchange using JAX-WS, part 1

Yes, it is possible to Connect to Exchange using JAX-WS The fear and trepidation I had when considering the effort to connect a Java application to Exchange Server 2007 was well founded. It wasn’t easy. I’m going to spoil the ending and tell you, yes, it is possible to connect Java apps to Exchange Server…



This is a test private static double ComputeNextPoint(double p0, double p1, Function f) { double fp0 = f(p0); double fp1 = f(p1); double foo = p1 – fp1 * (p1-p0) / (fp1-fp0); // the basic secant formula Console.WriteLine(“p0= ” + p0.ToString(“N9″) + ” p1= ” + p1.ToString(“N9″) + ” result= ” + foo.ToString(“N9”)); return foo;…


Connecting Java to Exchange over WebDAV, with Apache HttpClient

Earlier I mentioned a Java Exchange Connector I had seen, and in that post I also said that I had some code that connected from Java to Exchange Server via WebDAV. Some people have asked for the code, so here it is. I use a set of Apache libraries to make this possible: Apache Commons HttpClient…


What is Scalability? Do I have Extreme Requirements?

Can I turn my Volvo into an F1 Racer?     I am a fan of auto racing. I started following racing way, way back. At the low end of the spectrum, anyone with a car can get started racing in autocrosses and track days, for not very much money. At the other end of…


.NET Terrarium – it’s BAAAAAACK!

Remember Terrarium?  It was a .NET 1.0 learning tool disguised as a game.  Microsoft released a developer’s kit, and and people built herbivores, carnivores, or plants and introduced them into a peer-to-peer, networked ecosystem where they interacted and sometimes competed for survival. There was a visual display element of course.  It was kinda like SimCity crossed…


Facebook Thrift, Google ProtoBufs, and Interop

Dare had an en-pointe analysis of the emergence of various new non-standarcd communications protocols, such as Facebook Thrift and Google Protocol buffers, and how they compare to the standards-based comms protocols like RSS, ATOM or even WS-*.  Dare correctly points out that these tools can be useful if you tightly control the endpoints involved in…


New WCF + WF blog: Endpoint

A New Blog started last week, aggregating WCF and WF topics.  If you’re like me you have really good intentions about reading blogs, you have your subscriptions all organized, you download the content through outlook daily… but then when it comes down to it, it’s hard to keep up with reading them all. Now there’s…


More on PowerShell Interop – this time with Tibco EMS

Keeping on the theme of PowerShell interop…. Marc Adler wrote up a short, sweet little CmdLet for querying TIBCO EMS. And he separately referenced a CmdLet by Scott Weinstein for connecting PowerShell to Coral8.