PowerShell CMDLets for WebSphere MQ – administer queues on Windows or Linux

Last year, I wrote about the idea of PowerShell CmdLets for WebSphere MQ.  PowerShell is a beautiful scripting environment, you see, and it allows you to load any managed class library and then call into it.  This is what allows me to, for example, create zip files within Powershell.  But there are of course a zillion…


Create Zip files within Powershell

You can use DotNetZip library from within Powershell.  It’s pretty simple, fast, easy. example: function ZipUp-Files ( $directory ) { $children = get-childitem -path $directory foreach ($o in $children) { if ($o.Name -ne “TestResults” -and $o.Name -ne “obj” -and $o.Name -ne “bin” -and $o.Name -ne “tfs” -and $o.Name -ne “notused” -and $o.Name -ne “Release”) {…


Questions on Interoperability? Check the Forums !

Microsoft has migrated its interop discussion forum to a new forum engine.  Find it at: http://forums.community.microsoft.com/en-US/interopconversations/threads/ There you can ask questions on Vista print drivers, .Docx interop, Web services interop, .NET-to-Java interop, Mainframe interop, VPN interop, and many many other topics. Though I don’t believe there is a guaranteed level of service (in terms of time-to-respond),…

DotNetZip, open source library for .ZIP files, revs to v1.5 – nice ASP.NET capability

DotNetZip, the open source Zip Library for .NET, is now at v1.5.  Find it at http://www.codeplex.com/DotNetZip . New features:  ASP.NET – save a zip archive directly to Response.OutputStream to send down to the browser client, no need to create an intermediate file on the server disk. The ZipFile class has a progress event now, which you…


OpenID and ASP.NET MVC interop

Another one of those in-case-you-missed-it posts: Scott Hanselman’s done a good review of the possibilities of integrating openID with ASP.NET.  I mentioned this before as an interesting area for development.  Looks like things are moving along.  Excellent!


Microsoft System Center will manage Linux apps and assets

In case you missed it, this is from 6 weeks ago, on a Port25 post from Sam Ramji: Today, Bob Muglia and Brad Anderson announced that System Center will have the ability to deliver automated management across heterogeneous IT environments, such as UNIX and Linux. What I see as a best practice for commercial and…


Open Source and Interoperability

Open. Source. Is. Not. Interoperability. Ted Neward is an entertaining and talented writer, not to mention a stand-up guy, and a first-rate technogeek.  But that doesn’t mean he is always right. I was just reading and old post of his which I missed during my unscheduled sabbatical, in which he writes: They [Microsoft] need to…


Rewriting URLs on IIS5, IIS6, or IIS7 (mod_rewrite on IIS?)

A couple weeks ago, Bill Staples made a splash when he announced a Rewrite Module for IIS7: http://blogs.iis.net/bills/archive/2008/05/31/urlrewrite-module-for-iis7.aspx  But you can get mod_rewrite -like capability, even on IIS6, using the free IIRF download. Rewriting URLs?  This is the magic in your web server that allows your user to type something neat and clean, like http://server/products/WidgetX , but…


Java Exchange Connector and EWSJ

Just saw this on TheServerSide.com.  The Exchange Web Services for Java (EWSJ – what happened to the 4?).  It’s a Java class library that uses the Apache AXIS web services stack to connect connects to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, via the published and supported Exchange Web Services interfaces.    What you can do with this…


Microsoft Platform services

Microsoft has a new web page up covering a collection of hosted platform services.  Worth checking out. There is good interop capabilities in all of these.  I’m thinking maybe I have to stand up some PHP examples that connect to SQL Server Data  Services and also to the BizTalk Services integration bus.  What you think?