I have a dream! C# Code Completion in Emacs (csense, dabbrev, etc)

No good options here.

I know, dabbrev does some neat things. But it pales in comparison to real code completion as you get in Visual Studio, or, I think, even SharpDevelop.

I checked out a module called csense that a lone developer hacked together last year. The goal of the project looked simple, focused, valuable: real code completion in Emacs for C# !!! Whoohoo!!!!! but

  • The implementation looks incomplete 

  • There are no docs 

  • I couldn't even figure out how to initially install it

  • nobody is using it; there were 33 downloads and I think I was about 8 of them.

  • I couldn't figure out how to configure it or what the various vars did, without wading in knee deep into elisp code.

  • after bumping around in the dark, I did get a popup to show a class definnition when I hovered on XmlReader, for example

  • But when I tried to get the code-completion to work, I consistently got the result that my editing buffer would just silently close. (I guess I didn't want to edit that file anyway.)

  • It appears to be, as someone else said, "abandonware"

So the search continues.  Real code completion looks to be pretty hard to get, and not easy to implement.

I think the next thing I may do is check out CSDE.

Jeez I hope I don't start considering implementing this meself. That would be a disaster. Somebody stop me.


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  1. Can Erten says:

    No you shouldn’t stop 🙂

    I’d love to have it on my arsenal.

    Thanks for the efforts though.

  2. Jason Rumney says:

    I think everything you want is here: http://cedet.sourceforge.net/semantic.shtml

    Semantic is what JDEE uses to provide code completion, and the page above claims grammars are already available for C#

  3. Here is one more abandoned C# code completion project (written by me)


    It currently has zero users (this includes me!). The elisp completion is pretty full featured, but the C# support is still under construction.

    It uses an ordinary emacs buffer to show the completions. The idea was to not just show the completion names but also show other interesting stuff like the class relationship. A kind of exploratory completion (the C# "standard" library is pretty damn huge)

    Feel free to contact me if you have questions: gonz808 on hotmail

  4. In my prior post I wrote that I have a dream of getting c# code completion in emacs. Jason Rumney wrote

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