Interesting – CacheMan for .NET

A distributed object cache (distributed hashtable) for .NET  


C# Code Completion in emacs – CSDE now has a CsdeShell

I’ve been fiddling some more with C# code completion in emacs. I wrote a csde-shell.el that is the CSDE equivalent to JDE’s beanshell.el . It runs as an inferior shell in emacs. The csde code-completion logic calls out to this shell to inquire about types by name. The shell then returns type information as lisp…


C# Code Completion in emacs – getting beanshell equivalent in CSDE

The beanshell is something that, I think, was specially engineered to support the JDE, and particularly the code completion stuff.  In JDEE, emacs starts up a Java VM and runs the beanshell class, in comint (command interpreter) mode.  Then emacs can send commands to this beanshell thing, commands like “Tell me what you know about…


Powershell script to batch-update AssemblyInfo.cs with new Version

I wrote this script to update all the AssemblyInfo.cs files in a Visual Studio solution, to have the same version number. This is the kind of thing I would have used Perl to do, in the past. But Powershell’s got this covered nicely. [ 23 April 2008 – 1150am PST – I updated the script…


C# Code Completion in emacs – a look at Cedet, semantic, and CSDE

In my prior post I wrote that I have a dream of getting c# code completion in emacs. Jason Rumney wrote to me: I think everything you want is here:  Semantic is what JDEE uses to provide code completion, and the page above claims grammars are already available for C# . Well, I checked…


MSBuild script for compiling each .cs file into an EXE

I previously wrote about using MSBuild to build all .cs files in a directory into a single exe. Here’s a companion script that builds every .cs file into a separate exe. This might be helpful for directories where you keep sets of small projects, where each source file stands alone, that sort of thing. (I’m…


I have a dream! C# Code Completion in Emacs (csense, dabbrev, etc)

No good options here. I know, dabbrev does some neat things. But it pales in comparison to real code completion as you get in Visual Studio, or, I think, even SharpDevelop. I checked out a module called csense that a lone developer hacked together last year. The goal of the project looked simple, focused, valuable: real…


C# snippets for yasnippet.el (Emacs snippets)

Some nice person built yasnippet.el, a snippet package for emacs. You type 2 or 3 letters, then hit TAB, and it expands into a snippet.  Like dabbrev, but with forms-based fill-in fields.  It’s quickie code generation. Sadly, no C# snippets are included. Here’s my contribution (attached).  There’s one for try..catch, foreach, for, using, while, class definition, property definition,…


Getting emacs flymake.el to work with C# modules

[I’m going to try to keep this up to date, because I periodically change tweak and improve flymake setup… Latest is 23 April 2008] I Loooooooove Flymake.  Emacs, since a while back, ships with a package called flymake.el, that defines a minor mode.  When you enable this mode, flymake more-or-less continuously compiles the module you’re working…


Dino’s .emacs file

[I’m going to try to keep this up to date, because I periodically change tweak and improve flymake setup… Latest is 15 April 2008] This includes all my setup for C# development, including yasnippet, hideshow, flymake, htmlize, defaultcontent, timestamp, csharp-mode, and so on. The flymake is pulled out, you can find it here. ;; ;;…