Sudoku Generator and Solver in C#

Seems like building a Sudoku application is almost a compulsory thing for programmers these days. 

I've written about my prior efforts. Here's an update.  Rather than force you all to use the XBAP I published last year, here's a standalone WPF app.  C# Source and EXE include.

It uses the DLX (Dancing Links) algorithm from Donald Knuth. 

Pretty speedy. It is a WPF app, but there are no fancy WPF graphics.  It just generates a table, and that's about it.  This one is handy if you like to do Sudoku on paper.  I've uses this app to generate and print out puzzles that I can do with my kids.

Source: WPF-Sudoku-source
EXE:  Sudoku.exe


Comments (2)

  1. sudok_maniac says:

    Thanks for code! This is exaclty what I was looking for 🙂

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