Don’t Believe Everything you Read on Wikipedia, especially about C# Anonymous Functions

I was reading Wikipedia the other day, and saw this: C# has partial anonymous function support through the use of delegates. … Since anonymous methods are not nameless and can only be declared inside methods of classes then C# does not support full anonymous functionality. Hmph, who’s in charge here?  I don’t really feel any ownership…


Content-Type negotiation and REST (and how WCF fits in)

Just had a comment-exchange on my prior post on How to build a REST app in WCF. I thought I would reproduce and elaborate on it a bit here, in a post. Kyle Beyer asked how to make WCF honor a content-type header (Accept header) in the request, and then modify the result of the…


Simple Auto Update, auto patch, for WPF Apps, without the Updater Block

I am writing some smaller WPF apps, and I want them to automatically update themselves, or automatically patch themselves, something like Lutz Roeder’s Reflector or Paint.NET does.   Scott Hanselman has commented on this previously, and he’s right. Every app ought to be able to do this. I looked into the Application Update Block, which was last updated I…


Hanselman survey of web2.0 APIs for .NET

Hanselman does a whilrwind tour of the various popular web2.0 systems that have C# or .NET APIs. In my book, this is all interop. What makes it all possible?  First:  cool, interesting, programmable services.  I don’t have high value scenarios for programming Picasa, or Twitter, but apparently somebody does.   And … Second, .NET is interoperable. …

A Look back at the History of .NET Interop

Check out the last few weeks worth of blog posts here.  One on .NET and Google’s Social Graph API.  Another on .NET connecting to OpenID.  Another on JSON, another on JMS. When I started this blog, there were people out there who knew, they were certain, that .NET apps could not connect to systems built…


Connect your ASP.NET page to OpenID

.NET Slave grabs a library from CodePlex to do OpenID from an ASP.NET Page. How cool is that? 


Standalone JSON library in .NET on CodePlex

As you know, because you are such a FAITHFUL reader of this blog, there is new JSON support on WCF for version 3.5.  The way you get JSON though, would be only through a service interface. But what if, for whatever reason, you cannot use .NET 3.5 (like maybe the corp standard where you work…

Google Social Graph API via C#

Here’s something different for a blog that generally focuses on enterprisey technologies. A .NET guy in Denmark built a C# wrapper on Google’s Social Graph API.  The Social Graph API exposes its data in JSON only; I guess it is designed to be consumed by web pages.  This dev put a C# wrapper together that…


The WCF Samples have been updated

The WCF samples published by Microsoft were updated in early March 2008. Download the samples here.